Too Too Yummy (aka Tutu Yummy) is one of LA’s most exciting up and coming fashion ventures offering Costume and Accessory design for dancers, rock stars, brides, and birthday girls. The Design House is known for their extravagant, show stopping garments, that stop traffic, turn heads, and start conversations. Available by appointment only to industry professionals, looking for unique, one-of-a-kind garments, in addition to current collection items. Purchases and rentals are available with options to alter or customize any piece.

Too Too Yummy swirls decadent with whimsically extravagant show stopping appeal, through wearable eye candy that celebrates the little girl in you. The handmade pieces have been sought after by top stylists from around the globe, and have been featured on performance stages at major music festivals, in rock n roll magazines, and TV screens.

The Story Behind Too Too Yummy

When Evey was 2 years old, she bit into a frosted donut and said “too too yummy.” That phrase followed her throughout her childhood as family and friends would refer to anything she was really excited about as “too too yummy.”

Growing up, Evey loved all things whimsical and magical, from Disneyland’s Electrical Light Parade, to Betsey Johnsons iconic style. She loved being silly, playing dress up, and making clothing, especially tutus. She would sit with her grandmother by the sewing machine, and bring her old torn clothes back to life with the use of patches, and all kinds of pretty embellishments.

When she was an undergrad at UCLA, she made tutus for bands, and began selling them on Etsy. She got this crazy idea that if she really wanted to chase this fashion dream, and understand how the industry works, she should meet her idol, Betsey Johnson. So just like that, she packed up her car, and drove all the way across the country, from Los Angeles to NY, with her two wild mutts, in the hopes of meeting Betsey. After getting an apartment in Brooklyn, and whipping together a portfolio, she showed up at Betsey’s studio and asked them for a job. After 3 interviews, she was given an internship, where she had the amazing opportunity of working directly with Betsey and her design team.

She later decided she had a lot more to learn about fashion, from draping, to pattern making, and she realized that it was time to go to fashion school.

So she moved back to LA, and enrolled in the Fashion design program at Los Angeles Trade Technical College, where she met Barbara Ashley.

Barbara is one of nine siblings that were born in Makerere, a small area of Kampala, Uganda. Her artistry began in early childhood, she began playing with clay, red soil and charcoal when she was just a toddler, and then began sculpting wood, metal and fabric.

When she was nine years old, Barbara would sit and work with her mother, who tirelessly worked as a seamstress draping gowns. Her mother taught her to be professional and serious about design and that if she was going to help her with the couture work, she had to be exquisite in her stitches, bias cuts and draping. Barbara’s mother, was a phenomenal woman, who raised all the children as a single mom, while running the business and teaching her children responsibility, providing them with skills and tools for their own future careers and passions.

Barbara’s life encompassed a lot of challenges and struggles, and she found herself working as a caregiver at a convalescent home in Los Angeles, and raising a baby, as a single mother, away from her family. One day, she decided to chase the dreams and use the skills her mother had instilled in her, in the hopes of providing a better life for her and her daughter, and this led her to enroll in fashion school.

Barbara is the most incredible designer. Her lavish and extravagant garments are where fashion and architecture intersect. They are full of structure, shape, and unexpected form. Her works have been featured in magazines, and exhibitions, and she has won awards for her exquisite work.

Evey and Barbara became instant friends, and landed an internship together where they worked at a Hollywood based design house, creating garments for celebrities music videos.
Years passed and they both found were working on couture wedding gowns. They always talked about starting both a design house and a brand together one day, but their busy schedules kept their dream on hold.

One night at 4am, Barbara called Evey to tell her she was being rushed in for emergency surgery. Evey ran to the hospital, and sitting on the edge of her hospital bed, they realized they realized how fragile life is, and that they never chased their dream of starting opening their design house and brand together… and so it was at that moment that they made a pact. That from the moment Barbara wakes up and recovers from surgery, this is it. “Life is short, no more excuses, we are chasing our dream.”
And it was in that hospital bed where our dream came to life.

We decided our collection would be wearable eye candy that would swirls Evey’s whimsical, feminine, fun style with Barbaras exquisite, couture, lavish, and dramatic edge.

Evey’s husband saw how excited she was about this venture, and he suggested- that like everything else Evey’s always been so excited about, this was “Too Too Yummy.”

We want to inspire and encourage anyone who has a dream, to chase it. Don’t wait. Stop thinking about it, stop talking about it… Just go for it.”

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Evey and Barbara

“the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves. too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would otherwise never have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in ones favor all manner of incidents and meetings and material assistance which no man would have believed would have come his way.
Whatever you think you can do or believe you can do, begin it. Action has magic, grace, and power in it.”

~The Scottish Himalayan Expedition