Candy Sakura, inspires us with her unique, colorful and fun style!

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When Candy was in elementary school, she went to Harajuku in Tokyo and noticed how people would dress up in various fashion styles such as Lolita, and Decora. She noticed the stores selling colorful clothes which she couldn’t find in her hometown and she remembers being  so interested in that offbeat, funky style of dressing up, that was different from how people usually dress.13177608_1776779949208425_5143587350733619439_n
She doesn’t care what people think about her wardrobe, or if people make fun of her style. She is true to herself and loves the colorful clothing and accessories that she styles in her own way.
In addition to being an extremely rad dresser, Candy is also a dancer and singer! She told us that she likes wearing tutus when she dances because they make her movements look bigger.
Happy Birthday Candy! We at Tutu Yummy love your sweet style!!!
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Candy, Keep being you, you inspire us so much!!!
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