Trying to stay dry on the rainy California morning, I stumbled upon LA Star Dance, a Latin American and Ballroom dance studio. Before I could even put money in my meter, I was greeted by Luba, one of the owners, who smiled at me with the most genuine smile, through the glass. When I walked in, you could feel the warm authenticity and positive energy of the place.
It’s a family business, run by dance partners who come from a line of professional ballroom dancers and teachers. Yefim and Luba, the studio owners, have both been dancing since they were little kids in Khabarovsk, Russia. I sat down on their sofa when all of a sudden, the cutest little girl appeared. She had such a vibrant personality, and when she saw that I had some tutus with me, she immediately started looking at them.
Luba, helped her style some adorable outfits, we listened to fun Latin beats, and she played dress up and danced around the room.
While she was dancing, Luba told me that she loves teaching children to dance because she sees how not only is dance good for their health, but it instills them with confidence, helps them bring out their unique personalities, and allows them to connect with others. In a world saturated with I-pads, having that face to face communication is so important.
As I watched the little girl dance, I noticed exactly what she was saying. At first when I starting taking photos and filming her, she was a little shy, but the more she danced, the more fun she was having and you could watch her break out of her shell.
You could tell that Luba is so passionate about teaching children. She was so encouraging, and such a good coach, really allowing the little cutie pie to bring out her inner dancer and have so much fun.
It was such a fun experience, hanging out at their studio, and listening to the fun Latin music. I think I might need to sign myself up for one of their adult Argentinian tango or Salsa Classes.
Check out this adorable video I shot on my phone of her dancing! I can’t get enough, it was so cute to watch and I’m stoked to share it with you!!!
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