Katy Perry is the bold star behind the colorful yummy trend. From her spinning peppermint swirl dress to her candy dot paper and cupcake style garments, her bold, quirky and unique style created a world where she is the queen of candy. The awesome thing about Katy and her yummy style, is that she appeals to all ages, Mattel even made a Katy Perry Barbie Doll wearing a cupcake dress!

And if we’re going to credit Katy for this yummy launch, we need to dig a little bit further, and recognize Johnny Wujek, her incredible stylist, is known for his willingness to push the boundaries—and from his “anything is possible perspective” who helped Katy develop her fun delicious style so that girls everywhere could be inspired to be themselves in their own unique, quirky and fashionable way.






Image of Katy Perry Doll by: Barbie