Team Sparkle is the curator of cuteness™, she is obsessed with things that sparkle and somehow manages to find the most beautiful yummy colorful and sparkly things we’ve ever seen. Whenever we, in the design room here at Tutu Yummy, need an ounce of inspiration for our creations, we go to her Instagram account and browse through her beautiful images of colorful sweets!

Thank you Team Sparkle! Your eye for color and beautiful delicious things wins. We also need to take a trip to B.Candy and Creme and Sugar in Orange County, where Team Sparkle took these magical images, because we need these yummy treats now.

Here are a few images of hers that we love. Follow her on Instagram @teamsparkle


Photo by @TeamSparkle at @cremeandsugaroc


Photo by @TeamSparkle at @cremeandsugaroc


Photo by @TeamSparkle at @cremeandsugaroc


photo by @teamsparkle at @bcandyoc


photo taken by @teamsparkle